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Player Availability

Last update 23rd Feb 2020

All district playing members should have received an email by now - if not then please let John Bates know - and then use the one of the methods below to make your availability known 

Members' availability may be seen by clicking here for the 2020 availability spreadsheet

If you want your availability to be included, please:

*  complete and return the form (email or post) to John Bates that has been emailed to Kent & East Sussex playing members or
*  save this spreadsheet to your PC, complete it and then email it to John Bates

Please note that this facility is only for use by members of The Forty Club - membership may be checked with the Membership Secretary.  Any other persons should contact the District Chairman direct. 

Individuals' details will only be made available to the District Chairman, the Match Managers and the Forty Club Membership Secretary, not via the website